The Burial Ground in Moy Pocket Road Gheerulla was established by the community in 1907 to provide a resting place for two little girls, Florrie May and Ivy Christiana Hansen who died of diphtheria before medical assistance could reach them from Nambour. (The Chronicle, March 30, 1907, p.4)

Burial information from 1907                       Location of grave sites

hansenIn 2006 the community raised funds and supported by a grant from the Queensland Community Memorials Restoration Fund a headstone and memorial plaque was placed on these graves.

On 19 June 1908 a petition was submitted to the Minister of Lands, requesting 5 acres of Reserve 275 adjoining Portion 25V  Parish Kenilworth  County March - northwest corner to be set aside - no other land being available within several miles which could be used as a burial ground.  It had  already been found necessary to make use of land as a cemetery on one previous occasion owing to no other place for burial.

On 25 September 1909 Five acres was proclaimed cemetery Parish Kenilworth County March

8 November 1909 Fees for survey £3/10/- paid by private individuals

30 June 1911 First Trustees elected at a public meeting in the Kenilworth Farmers' Assembly Hall - Harry Pickering, Thomas Henry Gordon, Henry Fritz, Henry Peter Christian Hansen, Edward Pickering

Formal approval of the Trustees was published in .The Queensland Government Gazette on 19 August 1911 p 523  

The Cemetery business remained in the care of the trustees for the ensuing 46 years until 5 December 1957 when Messrs V G Sutton, M J Adams, W Purdon, E Pickering, E F Davie  resigned their trusteeship in favour of the Maroochy Shire Council

The Queensland Government Gazette on 18 January 1958 appointed the Maroochy shire Council as trustee of Gheerulla Cemetery.

Source:- Maroochy Shire Council Archives, Foreign File F1250

From Research by B. C. Alcorn, 1999

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