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2016/2017 Gheerulla Hall Committee

President: Mary Ann Law

Vice President: Kathy Mullins

Secretary: Heather Wagner

Treasurer: David Mockeridge

Assistant Treasurer: Don Law

Committee Member: David Badgery


Contact for Hall use:                                                Membership

Heather Wagner                                                       $10 per person

1 Moy Pocket Road                                                  Contact: Kathy Mullins

heather.stitches@gmail.com                                   greasykate@hotmail.com.au

Ph. 5472 3297                                                          Ph 0458047272      

Community Events

Contact: Mary Ann Law


Ph. 0448848838


Keys held by Mary Ann Law, Kathy Mullins, and Heather Wagner


The history of the Gheerulla Hall is closely aligned with the development of the district originally known as Yahoo Creek.  The Kenilworth Farmers' Association constructed the hall on land purchased from Mr. H. Fritz for ten pounds ($20).

A special meeting was held on Saturday, 8 June 1907 ‘To consider as to whether it be possible to raise funds in the district to erect the hall instead of borrowing from the bank.’  Mr P Sutton suggested that the chairman ask the members present what amount each one would be prepared to lend at the same interest as charged by the bank.  The minutes recorded that:

‘The following gentlemen then signified their willingness to lend the sums, standing to their name, when required, interest at the rate of 6 per cent per annum to be paid, and the capital to be refunded as funds permit.

‘Mr H Fritz               £  25 ($50)

 Mr P H Sutton        £  25

 Mr H Gordon          £  10 ($20)

 Mr E Pickering       £  10

 Mr J McGinn          £   20 ($40)

 Mr A McGinn         £   10


                              £100 ($200)


It is believed, though not recorded, that the original hall was 40 feet (12.192 metres) long and 24 feet (7.315 metres) wide.  The hall has been twice renovated and extended first in 1928 and again in 1957.


The hall has been utilised by this community for more than a century and has been the scene of balls, "moving pictures" shown by the travelling picture show man in the early 20th century, church services, weddings, wedding receptions, birthday parties, carol singing, community celebrations and funerals.

Carols               Church Service                Funeral                Adams Wedding               Wedding dress     

The hall has been managed by volunteers since its construction, with grandchildren of those first committee members now involved in its preservation.

New roofIn recent years the Hall Committee has been greatly assisted by support from the Maroochy Shire Council and in 2008 a grant from the Jupiter's Casino Community Benefit Fund has facilitated the replacement of the century old iron on the roof and the installation of solar panels with assistance from a Queensland Gambling Fund Grant in 2011. (Photograph Birgit Kehr) 

New windows constructed by the North Coast Joinery at Forest Glen in the style of timber framing used by the builders in 1907 has been enabled by a grant from the Sunshine Coast Regional Council in 2009.

Reference material from Kenilworth Farmers' Assembly Hall to Gheerulla Hall: A long and arduous journey Edited by Blair & Lenore Meldrum (2007).