The story of Pioneer Park begins over 80  years ago when the then Main Roads Commission released plans in 1940 to reroute what is now known as Eumundi-Kenilworth Road with the building of a new bridge over Gheerulla Creek.  This new bridge was to replace a “light traffic bridge” built in 1927 by the community with the Council funding the ironwork necessary in the construction.   The Commission planned to resume 1.6 ha of land including the natural rainforest on the bank of the creek.  The owner of the property, Mr Bert Sims requested the Kenilworth Chamber of Commerce to advise the commission that he was prepared to donate the land on the basis that it be made a lasting memorial to the pioneer farmers of the Kenilworth District.

Bert Sims became councillor for Division 1 of Maroochy Shire in 1967 and was able, through the utilisation of Federal Drought Relief monies and a great deal of volunteer labour, to fulfil his dream of seeing the memorial park established in 1979.  Unfortunately he passed away in 1981 before the memorial plaque he had planned was in place on the rock he had selected near the entrance to the park.

The following are the names of those pioneer farmers who contributed so much to the development of, not only the first Kenilworth locality but also, the establishment of the Kenilworth district.  The years shown indicate the time each of the selectors arrived in the district.


Mr Christopher Sharry  

Mr Richard Sims

Mr John McGinn

Mr Edward Pickering & Mr Harry Pickering

Mr Frederick Goeths & Mr Albert Goeths

Mr Duncan Beattie

Mr Edward (Ned) Allen


The three Hornibrook brothers (Michael, John, and James)

Mr Herman Kuch


Mr W H (Bill) Liekefett

Mr. Alex McGinn

Mr William Hilder & Mr Henry Hilder

Mr Andrew Purdon & Mr Alexander Purdon

Mr Thomas Sharry and Mr Patrick Murtagh


Mr J C Hassall

Mr J E Pearce

Mr Harry Fritz and Mr Jacob Fritz


Mr William Dellit & Mr Henry Dellit

Mr William Sutton & Mr Peter Henry Sutton

 All of these pioneer families worked tirelessly for the young community of Kenilworth – on the Kenilworth Provisional School Committee, The Kenilworth Farmers’ Association and the local sporting groups – The Kenilworth Athletic Club, and The Kenilworth Cricket Club.  These men were supported by their wives in all these endeavours but because only men held position in community groups in those times the documents of the time do not record the accomplishments of these pioneer women.

 The memorial stones in the park were put in place by Councillor Herman Schwabe , the successor in Council to Bert Sims and have included the names of others who have contributed to the wider district of Kenilworth

Stan Adams   J.D. Bergin   Bonney Bros  Thomas Bridges

     Charles Cole     Harry Gordon     Patrick Lillis

      Loweke Bros    J.D. McTaggart    Isaac Moore   

Chas Moreland Snr    Charlie Moreland    Patrick Murtagh

    Parkinson & Fraser     William Purdon    Richard Smith

Gilbert Sutton        Tamlyn & Rodgers      Harry Welch

Memorial Plaque to the Pioneer Women of the District

Memorial Plaque In Appreciation of Bert Sims